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Want to Acquire

Want to Acquire is a AdTech platform.

Why this opportunity is Golden:
AdTechs are considered the most lucrative businesses among the tech startups. There are many corporates that are keen to enter such an industry, yet they could not find a good branding, thus is the perfect branding for any corporation that want to enter AdTech industry. Besides the corporations, there are many content creators and Tech enthusiasts that can avail this opportunity and leverage it to a massive success.

✔ Seller message:
For corporations buying this project is like buying a peanut, I am a serious seller, I am very well aware that this project is highly scalable for just any corporation who want to enter the same industry and reap a high reward and market share.

AdTech is a Multi-billion dollar industry and many players are earning millions of dollars out of it. This project is highly brandable and scalable and worth buying for any corporation that wants to have a piece of the multi-billion dollar ecommerce market.


What is included:
✔ Hosting account with cpanel will be transferred.
✔ Premium Domains,,,
✔ Google Play Developer Account that contains published apps.
✔ Currently used app source code for Android Studio development.
✔ Active twitter account if possible, facebook pages if possible.
✔ New owner can charge for posting advertisments.
✔ Project contains several dozen million dollars worth of listed goods in freemium AdTech platform.
✔ Seller will hand over the complete project ASAP, please bear in mind that the complete project will be transferred, patience is required.

✔ First come, first serve, serious buyers only.
✔ This offer may expire soon.

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