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How to Sell Fast?

How to Advertise and Sell Fast at HollySale?

Remember that you are the Seller of the product that will be advertised, so you must make your product look good to the people.

Make a good looking lengthy product descriptions. Atleast 500 Characters or more, No limits on Max.

Make simple and correct Ad title, Anything Less than 60 characters looks good.

Mention all product qualities and honest details about product.

Give good examples about what your product can do and how can it  be used.

Ad maps details and correct contact details, i.e email id and phone number where you like to be contacted.

Professionally advertise products to be a Super-star seller.

Set the Price Fairly, Used Items may sell faster if priced between a range of 40% to 70% of an Original Price.

Read our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy and Safety Tips to know how to use our service and what is the correct conduct of use.